2 February 2011


Hugely exciting article in the news today: the famous Pink Terrace on Lake Rotomahana has been found! It was thought lost after the Mt Tarawera Eruption of 1886 - smashed to smithereens by the eruption - but a GNS Science expedition has found the bottom two levels of the Terrace at the bottom of the lake, along the original shoreline! This is spectacular news! Even pictures taken underwater! This photo comes from Stuff.co.nz:

Underwater photo of the drowned Pink Terrace from GNS Science

This is unbelieveable! I wonder if they could drain the lake to the original shoreline and reveal the Terrace again?


Pachyderm said...

It appears that Te Tarata, the White Terrace, is completely gone: no sign of it was found by the submersible.

The Rose and Dragon said...

Why destroy the ecosystem that has developed? Natural disasters are part of life. It would be a huge pity to ruin the lake as it now stands. Other silica terraces exist. J