30 July 2011

Not shy but retiring....

Got an email yesterday - well, several actually - letting me know that Bishop Tom Brown has announced he's retiring in February 2012. I am very sad about this: Bishop Tom has been hugely supportive to me personally over the years, particularly as I was discerning my vocation with the Community of Solitude. He also confirmed me many years ago as I returned to the Anglican Church. However, he's been a bishop for 22 years, 14 of those as Diocesan (he was the assistant bishop in this diocese before that) and it's probably time for him to do some more fishing of a physical rather than spiritual kind!

However, I have just discovered something rather disturbing. I am a synod representative for my parish, and the vicar told me tonight that synod representatives form part of the Electoral College that elects the next bishop! Talk about responsibility! It also means that this diocesan synod in September will be Bishop Tom's last one with us, which will be sad - but what a privilege to share it with him.

Something new to add onto the list of things I regularly pray for - that God will show us who the next bishop should be.

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