3 August 2011

Chivalry is alive and well...

... and it's an All Black!

My day yesterday was completely surreal. I was delivering training at a venue in Auckland - just another day on the road training health and safety representatives - and when I arrived at my venue I found it crawling with All Blacks. Ali Williams nearly ran me over in a corridor (I doubt if he saw me - he's about 900 feet tall....!), Piri Weepu was sitting on the floor blocking the door to my training room and I nearly fell over him, Keven Mealamu grinned at me - everywhere I looked there were All Blacks. I even saw Dan Carter coming down the stairs.... The only person I didn't see that I really wanted to was Richie McCaw.

I finally got my head together and delivered my training, and at the end of the day I packed up and was leaving. The venue didn't have lift access to the conference level and I was lugging my suitcase full of training materials up a staircase (and it's not light!), when a voice above me said, "I'll take that for you". I said thanks, and then looked up and realised my training suitcase was being carried by Mils Muliaina! I thanked him, asked him how training went (he said it was good - bodes well for Saturday's Tri-Nations/Bledisloe Cup match against Australia!) and I wished him luck for the games coming up (thinking mostly of the World Cup).

Completely and totally surreal. But awesome.

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