12 September 2011

The metropolis thrives?

Irritating. I am in a "thriving metropolis" in Levin, one of NZ's smaller corners. Yes, the unit is okay. Yes, it has SkyTV. Yes, I have a live internet connection (courtesy data stick). But it's Monday. There isn't a shred of interesting tv on 12 channels in the unit (sad) and Monday and Tuesday are rest days for the RWC. There are repeats of the weekend games - all the good ones of which I watched on the weeked! How is this fair? The only time I have SkySport, there's no rugby!

On the even more irritating side, the walls in the unit seem to be fairly thin - I can hear the neighbours' TV and apparently we back onto the main trunk railway line. I have heard several trains go by and at least two of them must have been freight, as they felt like small earthquakes. It's about 25 years since I lived close enough to a railway line to hear and feel trains.

And I stupidly forgot to print off the Anglican Communion Covenant text to digest before synod this weekend. We've got the vote on whether Wellington Diocese will endorse it, which will be particularly interesting given that Waiapu and Auckland Dioceses (who met in their synods recently) have both voted against it, along with two of the Hui Amorangi (Te Manawa o Te Wheke and Te Tairawhiti). That's two out of eight diocese and two out of five Hui, with the rest still to meet. So far, I'm undecided. I have been told by the Parish to vote "according to my conscience" and the three people who have made time to talk to me about it, either at church or through email, have all been against. Is everyone else for, or do they not care enough to talk?

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