10 September 2011

We're in business

It's here! It's finally here! The World Cup started last night with an epic opening ceremony - short and impressive, with some pretty amazing light shows and a great showcase of our Maori culture, beautifully interwoven with our passion for rugby. Very nice indeed - and a really impressive fireworks display all over Auckland.

And the rugby? All Blacks v Tonga last night was fabulous in patches and just patchy in other places... the first half was reasonably neat and we were clinically carving up the Tongan backline, but there were a lot of missed passes and sloppy passing (behind the supporting player - duh!) and the tackling wasn't that convincing in places. Richard Kahui had a great game on the wing (an unusual place for him to play) and there was some good play in other positions - SBW had a good game and made some great play, but all in all it looked untidy. We'd better get our stuff together before our next match!

Other matches so far: Japan nearly nearly upset France (!) - it was pretty close until the last 10 minutes, apparently (I didn't see this game); Romania had a blinder against Scotland and nearly upset the apple cart here too; Fiji carved up Namibia (as expected) and I'm currently watching Argentina v England. So far this match is a bit messy: both teams making mistakes, and it's low scoring so far. What's really peeving me with this one is watching the Poms play in black. Oh, and we've got Jonny Wilkinson sitting on his potty trying to line up the penalty (and missing). England's national colours are white and red - what possessed them to choose black for their major playing strip for this tournament I will never know. Argentina is currently leading and I would love to see them win!

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