1 August 2013

Thursday Night is Music Night

Thursday Night is Music Night or TNMN for short is an invention of my brother. Each Thursday night for the last few years posts appear on his Facebook feed with TNMN and an album he's listening to, usually several quite varied ones over the course of an evening - along with the ubiquitious comments from friends!

Tonight, for your listening pleasure, we have the TNMN Rotorua Edition, spinning some old favourites I haven't listened to for ages. Beginning with the wonderful James Galway album The Wind Beneath Your Wings (yes I know it's show tunes but I love Galway playing anything at all, anywhere, anytime - would love a good recording of him playing Mozart's flute concertos!), it was followed up by the very soulful Delilah Blue from Joshua Kadison, and currently we have Oxygene from Jean Michel Jarre. I very nearly put on The Glory of New College but decided that I wasn't quite in the mood for Tavener, Byrd, and Gibbons tonight!

I have decided that my brother is onto something with TNMN. There aren't many times I sit down and consciously listen to music when I'm not doing something else like driving, and what's on the radio isn't always my choice of what I want to listen to. Unfortunately my route to and from work crosses over frequency boundaries and because it's windy with lots of hills reception isn't great. I can't get Concert FM at all once I'm more than 10min from Rotorua, and I lose other stations pretty regularly. One of these days I will get organised and put some music on a usb stick....

But back to TNMN. Time to relax and unwind, the fire burning cheerfully away, the cat snoozing on the other couch (and eyeing up my chair every time I get up for something like put wood on the fire - if I leave it for more than about a minute he tries to nick it!), and music I love and feel like listening to playing. Might be about time for some Bach, methinks!

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Sphenodon said...

i've also moved onto to spinning at least one new (to me) album on thursdays :)
but then monday is now designated new music day, which, with spotify, is turning into an interesting experience…actually with the proms on at the moment it's proving new music most days as i skip the standard stuff and hunt out the weirdness