11 August 2013

Just a happy Sunday

It's late on Sunday night. The fire is almost out, just the quiet "tink" sound as the firebox cools down. The cat is next to it, sucking up the last vestiges of heat and eyeing up my chair - the second I leave it, I've lost it (lost it twice already tonight when I got up to get a drink of water!). This time he'll get it for the night because when I get up this time, I'm to bed.

So who am I blogging so late? I'm enjoying the warm friendly silence of a Sunday night (and thinking about the fact that tomorrow is Monday.... why is it always Monday after Sunday?!) and not wanting it to end, but also because today, in contrast to yesterday, was a good day.

Yesterday I was cross-grained and out of sorts. Although it was a very productive day (amazing how much cleaning and tidying I can get done when I'm grumpy) it wasn't a day I particularly enjoyed! However we did do some fun stuff: daughter and I baked a new recipe for chocolate biscuits (which we "improved" by adding some white and dark chocolate buttons) which turned out just fine, and we sorted through her bookshelves and organised them, which was something we'd wanted to do for a while. She's as much a bookworm as her parents, surprise surprise.

Today we decided that we needed a peaceful, relaxed day - so we didn't get up until nearly 10, playing bed-games from about 9am (daughter has learnt to amuse herself until about 8.45 in the weekend: whether that's reading, drawing, playing quiet games, or watching SpongeBob Squarepants, we don't mind as long as she's quiet). We then pottered off to a couple of craft markets for a look-see. This afternoon was filled with grocery shopping, made more interesting by the fact that our bank's cash card processes were down and daughter had to watch the trolley while I shot off to the foyer to the money machine! Hubby replaced some curtain rails so we can actually pull the curtains in the bedrooms now without having to almost yank them off the rails, and we played games and.... just a friendly, happy Sunday. Finishing with the latest series of TopGear, which was hilarious, as usual. Particularly interesting to see one of my favourite young actors, Benedict Cumberbatch, in his "natural habitat" being himself and not one of the wonderful characters he assumes so effortlessly. Definitely looking forward to his Smaug when The Hobbit pt 2 comes out later this year!

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