11 March 2014


Well, today wasn't a walking day. It was a writing day, and a panicking day.... I finished writing a major piece of work for a client and then uploaded it to dropbox so that my boss could have a look at it, as it's a new training course. I didn't realise that copy'n'paste doesn't work too smoothly to dropbox (not having really used it before) and the stupid file cut'n'pasted out of my folder. The boss later asked me to re-post it in dropbox because she wanted to make sure it was the latest version before it went to print - so I deleted it out of dropbox and then, to my horror, found it wasn't in my file folder either....

Panic! That file had taken me several days worth of work...

Fortunately I discovered that dropbox has a file restore function. And now I know how to use it. And I was very tempted to have a glass of wine right in the middle of my working day. Except that I had a lot more writing to do on another course this afternoon.

And I went and sorted out backup on my laptop too!

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Sphenodon said...

I've had no problems with Dropbox. There are some concerns with its security on occasion, but content management - it's fine.

What I'd suggest: I'm presuming you've got a shared folder with your boss?
- use it as a standard directory, so you save your documents straight in there
- keeping copies all over the place is asking for trouble
- consider setting the default file location as your user directory\Dropbox\Documents [or whatever your file structure is]

give me a yell if you want a hand.