23 March 2014

Disposing of waste

I am not really a person who gets deeply excited by stuff. Maybe something to do with my particular point of view on life, but stuff in general does not usually bother me. I can live without it in most cases.

However, there has been one piece of kitchen stuff that the lack of which has been bothering me ever since we moved to Rotorua. The kitchen in this house, when we moved in, had fittings for a dishwasher and a waste-disposer, neither of which was installed. We found a dishwasher in fairly short order, but have been waiting for a waste-disposer ever since we moved in (mostly a matter of finance, if truth be told). And today, we got one. Clever hubby installed it (which meant he needed to cut a hole in the shelf under the sink for it to fit) but now we will no longer have the problem of food ending up in the sink and heading down the drain to block it all up.

A simple thing, but with a child, a husband who loves cooking, a cat who sometimes doesn't finish all his food and likes to leave it stuck all over his cat dish, and a total dislike of composting and gardening, a waste-disposer is a fairly essential piece of equipment.

While hubby was installing the waste-disposer, daughter and I went for a walk in Redwoods. It was raining, and the light was shining through the rain. It was beautiful. It's been a while since I had a walk in the rain, and the patter on the leaves and the light catching the raindrops in the silence was something special. The rain in my hair and the smell of wet woods takes me a long way back.

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