22 March 2014

Just a lovely Saturday

Productive day today: hubby was taking photographs at Waiapu Diocese's Top Parish youth event, and small daughter and I co-operated on the housework. We got everything done we wanted to, along with a shopping trip for her: when I went through her drawers with her recently we discovered that she only has one real pair of winter trousers that still fits. Winters are cold here, and skirts are not an option even with tights, so we went down to T&T Childrenswear to their sale and sorted out most of her winter wardrobe. I love that shop: it has nice styles for children, and they stock long shorts (not the horrible rude things I see in lots of shops where you can see nearly all of their knickers!). Their colour choice is nice too, with pretty blues and greens for girls, not the eternal and awful pinks. Not looking forward to when she grows out of their sizes....

We had a lovely day together, working, having fun. It was just a lovely Saturday, with gorgeous weather (not sure how much more of that we'll have!). And small daughter found a pair of enormous bright green monster feet slippers complete with black vinyl claws, and I got them for her because she's grown out of her old slippers. I wish they made them in adult sizes!

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