21 April 2014

More fifth mark and other things

Today was a productive day, in and around regular rain showers. Daughter and I tidied up the detritus of her term at school around her desk and under her bed, and then dodged the rain to sort out the strip of garden behind the shed to plant some of the herb and pansy seeds. This means two sets of gardening in two weeks which is pretty much a record for me!

It went quite well because we'd headed off to Bunnings first and acquired a proper hoe and hand digging and clearing tools, along with some compost and a bag of bark. The compost went on the garden we cleared where the seeds were going, and the bark on another bit that hubby cleared around the front. I was stunned how fast the hoe sorted out the weeds - 10 minutes and most of them were gone, with another ten or so to sort out the ones with stubborn root systems using the hand tools. It felt pretty good too!

Now the interesting bit will be whether the seeds grow or not.

Last night we took daughter to The Lego Movie, which was a heap of fun, with masses of references that kept hubby and I cracking up laughing. The story was surprisingly strong, well scripted, and very clever. Probably my favourite bit was when the main characters were on a pirate ship attempting to build a space ship but didn't have a hyperdrive (this is Lego, remember - you can build anything!) and the Lego version of the Millennium Falcon arrived (complete with Lego C-3PO, Lego Han Solo and other characters from Star Wars) and Lego Batman jumped ship and stole their hyperdrive... only in Lego, seriously. There was also strategic placement of "human relics" including a piece of old sticking plaster, a scalpel blade, and glue.... And a number of annoyingly catchy songs. All in all, a good night out and one we will definitely look to get on DVD. 5 stars from me.

And the rest of the Easter Triduum, I hear you say? Good Friday liturgy was quiet, reflective, and well done. Holy Saturday felt empty and cold, and Easter Day was good - although I missed singing the Alleluias and the Gloria again (they did 476 so we didn't even use the Gloria at all!).

Tonight was spent salivating over the gorgeous A4 Pacific-class steam locomotives in the fascinating BBC documentary Locomotion: Dan Snow's history of railways, which we've been enjoying on ChoiceTV recently. The beautiful Mallard and her sisters still have the power to make me drool. They look so sleek and so wonderfully fast. I seem to remember it was one of the few really famous classes of steam loco that we didn't have a model of when I was a girl, but it was the one we all wanted!

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