23 April 2014

Ordinary doings

I'm getting slightly disturbed. Today is the third day in a row that daughter and I have been out in the garden! Yesterday was a weeding day, clearing another area for more herbs and beginning the big marathon clearing of weeds in the garden in front of the house. Today we planted the herbs (we needed to get some compost this morning first), finished the weeding of the part of the garden in front of the house we were working on, and barked it. So there's now a goodly part of the garden in bark. There's a lot more to do but I get the feeling we're on a bit of a roll.... Daughter is happy to help, and we're having a lot of fun working together so I think I'll leave the cleaning of the kitchen cupboards I was planning until we get a rainy day, and take advantage of the sunshine while we still have it.

After lunch, we headed over to sunny Mt Maunganui for a bit of a wander around, and a swim in their hot salt water pools. Not that we don't have hot pools here (we've got lots!) but we had a couple of other things to do, including a bit of a wander in Bayfair mall - with birthdays on the horizon, we had a bit of planning to do! The Mount is only 45mins from Rotorua and it's so lovely. We finished our day with fish'n'chips on the beach, watching the sunset. Daughter was a little bit upset we didn't manage a walk on the beach, but by the time we finished tea we had only the afterglow left and it would have been completely dark within a few minutes.

And now, I'm sitting listening to The Seekers on spotify and enjoying the feeling of the warmth from the fire, and trying not to fall asleep - all that good outside air and exercise is making me tired!

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