7 May 2014

IOSH interview

Tonight was a big night. No, I'm not talking about the kind that leaves you with a headache and a horrible taste in the mouth; it was an important night, a night I have been excited for and dreading for some time.

Tonight I had my interview for Chartered Membership with the Institution of Safety and Health (IOSH), my professional body. I have been working on a portfolio of work for the last 2 years showing the quality of my work as a health and safety professional, and it all comes down to this interview tonight. It was at 9pm NZT, because IOSH is UK-based. I was interviewed by a panel of three safety practitioners, my peers, and had to explain my practice of safety from first principles, because the legislation is slightly different over there.

The interview lasted about an hour over the computer - I was slightly terrified that the technology would play me false, but it all went beautifully - and I feel a bit like I have been through the wringer - but it was good. I find out if I have got my professional grade in about three weeks time.

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