20 March 2015

Dragonflight: the movie?

Part of me is bouncing in my seat, and the other part is completely terrified. Apparently Warner Bros have optioned the entire Dragonriders of Pern series (Anne McCaffrey) and has got as far as appointing a screenwriter for a first movie version of Dragonflight. 

If they pull it off, it could be fantastic. The story is strong, there's lots of drama, great characters, and the dragons. We now have the technology to make the dragons convincing - look what they did with Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, and Avatar! But if they mess it up it could be truly awful.

But let's play with the idea for a bit. Casting call:

Lessa: Emily Blunt
Masterharper Robinton: Jeremy Irons
Sebell: Eddie Redmayne
Menolly: Amy Adams
F'lar: Christian Bale
F'nor: Freddie Highmore
R'gul: Chris Cooper
Lytol: Tommy Lee Jones
Fax: Robert Duvall
Manora: Phyllis Logan
Ramoth (voice): Meryl Streep
Mnementh (voice): John Hurt
Canth (voice): Matt Damon

So that's my picks for the major parts. I know that Sebell and Menolly don't appear in the main trilogy until Dragonquest but I suspect will be edged into the first movie.

Warner Bros, are you listening?

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