1 March 2015

Red things go faster

Last week, it was our 14th wedding anniversary. Hubby and I were supposed to go out for dinner to a lovely little cheap'n'cheerful Thai place we really like, but I ended up unexpectedly covering a training course out of town and didn't get home in time. We had a bit of a time-limit - we were planning our date together while daughter was at Brownies. Date subsequently deferred until tomorrow when she's at Brownies again!

Today it's officially the first day of autumn, but no-one bothered to tell the weather! It was an absolute scorcher: it was officially 26degC, but the thermometer was showing that in our hallway (one of the coolest parts of the house) so it was nearer 30 or more in the living room, and more than that outside. They take the readings at the airport! However, the sky is deepening into that gorgeous rich blue you only see in autumn, and the nights are definitely cooler. Waiting for leaves to start to change soon.

This morning, we braved the sun (suitably smothered in sunblock) for a good morning of archery down at the club: groups were a bit wide for my liking but we have had a bit of a layoff. After lunch, we explored the end-of-season sales in search of a new microwave: the one we had was a wedding present from my grandmother and had started to develop some slightly alarming characteristics, such as randomly starting operations when you opened the door, and not stopping cooking when the door was opened.... Obviously the interlock was going a little feral, and it was time to honourably retire it, hence the trip to the sales.

I love 60% off. I also love bright red. We needed a new microwave. Those three things came cheerfully together this afternoon when we found a bright red microwave at 60% off, along with a bright red food processor (of the sort bread-making hubby has been salivating over for two years now) also with 60% off.... Two appliances for half of the standard price of the microwave.

And now my kitchen will probably get a speeding ticket, because red things go faster!

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