3 March 2015

Lent update

So, Lent. How's that going, then?

Followers (?) may remember that this year's Lenten task was in three parts:

  1. Writing a divine office for Sophia
  2. Reading Sophia: the hidden Christ of Thomas Merton
  3. Exercise
Well, given it's the second full week of Lent, it's probably time for an update.

The divine office for Sophia is proving an amazing blessing. I am writing one office per day: so far I have a complete week of morning prayer, and nearly a complete week of evening prayers too. Writing the litanies for each of these services seems to being out something rich from inside. Sophia is blessing this project and I am profoundly grateful.

The Lent book is proving more problematic. It is very dense: I can only read a little at a time, otherwise it gives me mental indigestion! However, I am determined to finish it during Lent. It's good - but dense!

And the exercise - working most days. Just have to keep at that one.

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