9 May 2015


Life is made up of memories, I have decided. Memories that stack up into a lifetime of journeys and fun.

Today we went to visit the Hobbiton movie set near Matamata, as a birthday present for hubby and one of those outings we'd been planning for ages. It was good: the whole place exactly as you imagined it, exactly as it appears in the films. In some ways it wasn't as good as the Harry Potter tour in Leavesden Studios, but we think its because the HP tour covered a huge amount of ground through 7 films - this was only one location. HP was bursting at the seams with movie props, rooms, Diagon Alley, Hogwarts bigature, costumes, and the Great Hall - it was like walking through JK Rowling's head. This was more a quiet corner of the English countryside (South Waikato does look very English in places) that had hobbit holes everywhere. They were really cute though!

However, the touches to make it realistic were amazing, including the community notices on the noticeboard near the Mill at Bywater, and the Green Dragon Inn - the ginger beer they brew there is seriously good, and we had the best beef and ale pie I've ever eaten. Even better than the pheasant pie I had in one of the pubs in the UK!

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Keryn said...

I think Dad loved that!