4 May 2015

Momento mori

The last few weeks have been tough for us. Between hubby and I, we have lost three friends and my uncle: one of hubby's friends from Camera Club, two of my Kinleith friends/colleagues, and my uncle. Death seems to be stalking rather close right now.

I can't quite put into words what I am thinking about. Momento mori, the remembrance of death, is a monastic activity: remembering that this earth is not all that there is, and that we live our life as well as we can in the 'sure and certain hope' that when we leave this place, when our journey ends here, there is a door that is opened and Sophia will welcome us home. 

That is my prayer for my uncle and our friends: that their doors have opened into a place of joy and love and hope; and for us that are left behind, may Sophia walk with us in the valley of the shadow and lead us to her hope. 

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