15 June 2010

Mr Murphy strikes again

Today was one of those Murphy days:
  • It took me over an hour to get into Wellington from home - usual travel time is about 40 minutes in the morning - due to extreme traffic and hideous weather
  • My trainees were all half an hour late, as the organisation I'm training today and tomorrow had somehow decided that an 8.30am-4.30pm training day meant a 9-4 training day
  • The 11 people I was expecting on the course turned into 4
  • When I got home, I discovered that our gas bottle had run out and the house was freezing
  • One of the elements on our stove died last night and we haven't been able to get it going again
The upshot of all of that was that I delivered the training feeling like it really wasn't my best effort ever, and when I got home to find no gas and no dinner (because there was no working stove!) we grabbed the gas bottle and headed out to get Chinese takeaways.

On the plus side of the ledger (yes, there is a plus, albeit a small one), small daughter is learning how to wash herself in the shower. I've been filling her baby bath and she's been beginning the washing in it, and then standing up under the shower head for rinsing. Midwinter seems to be a good time to convince her to let us take away the baby bath - standing under our lovely shower head with hot water falling on her is a much nicer idea than sitting in a rapidly-cooling bath. She hardly fits into the bathtub anymore and we don't have a full-size bath, so the sooner we can get her to shower the better! Tonight she washed and rinsed her own hair, with some assistance from me - our shower is height-adjustable, so I can set it at a good height for her and help her without getting wet myself. Good plan. The look of bliss on her face as the hot water ran through her hair and down her back was just gorgeous!

The other plus is that I have now moved everything out of our room and all our clothes out of our old bedroom furniture, in preparation for the new suite arriving tomorrow. Of course this means the rest of the house is pretty topsy-turvy, but it won't be for long. And it might mean I can match up some more socks while all the clothes are out of the drawers - or is that just overly optimistic?

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